Did you know? Abilene’s travel and tourism exceeds $1.1 million per day! Texas is one of the most visited states in the United States and Abilene remains a top destination in Texas.  We have an industry generating over 3,700 jobs in our area…it’s called tourism. The tourism industry in Abilene is strong and an important economic generator.  Investing in tourism assets is an investment in our quality of life. Without this travel-generated tax revenue, each household in Texas would have had to pay $890 in additional local, state and federal taxes to maintain current service levels.

Tourism’s real value, however, comes in relationship to the broad ways it educates young and old alike about our heritage and our changing world.  Saint Christopher stated “The world is a book; he who does not travel reads but one page.”

The number one reason people come to Abilene is to visit friends and family. We aim to provide you, visitor or local, with an additional avenue—The Abilene InSite™ — to check out our backyard and discover all of the things there is to see and do!

People travel for other reasons such as business, pleasure, shopping, to attend meetings, or for personal, medical, or educational purposes.   Our new hotels are perfect for family reunions and board meetings—reunite with your friends and family in Abilene.

Lastly, tourism is an exciting industry to work in and offers many great opportunities in the restaurant, hotel and attraction sectors.  Welcome to our blog and we hope to see you in Abilene, Texas very soon!