As a native ‘Abilenian,’ I am thrilled that my hometown has so much to offer. When I was a teenager at Cooper High, I never dreamed that the future of my city was so bright. At the time, I too, was one of those that moaned and groaned that there was “nothing to do in Abilene!” However, after working in the tourism industry, I quickly learned just how wrong I was. That is certainly not the case today!

Did you know that Abilene has over 3 million visitors each year? Many visitors come to see friends and family, attend conventions, sporting events or just enjoy a weekend get-away. Why is it that we, as locals, don’t take advantage of our city’s entertainment and treasures? I think it is often human nature to think that the grass is greener anywhere else than in our own backyard.

I encourage you…if you (local or visitor) haven’t visited Abilene’s fine attractions, such as Frontier Texas!, 625 N. 1st St., please do so! For instance, this incredible, state-of-the-art museum depicts the Texas frontier between the 1780s to 1880s. Plus, provides a fun, teachable moment and excellent entertainment for all—from the young to young at heart!

I look forward to sharing all that Abilene has to offer with you—especially showcasing our meeting facilities and 2010-2011 incentives!