Olivia & Kaden-sleepy after a long day exploring Abilene!

One of my favorite quotes is by Saint Augustine: “The world is a book, he who does not travel reads but one page.” Think about it. We learn about new cultures, traditions and personalities when we explore new places. We can also leave with a greater knowledge, if we allow ourselves to be exposed to new ideas, new forms of art and new experiences.  That is just what I’m going to do, right in my own backyard.  I invite you to join me.

My companions for the weekend were my two precious grandkids (twins, age 7) and my husband, Ken.  The first purchase was the Abilene attraction Roundup Pass – $15 adults; $7 children and that allowed us admission to all of Abilene attractions.  We headed downtown to Frontier Texas! to explore the past and we were all wowed by the experience.  I’m always amazed by the holographic spirit guides and they loved the stagecoach, teepee, Century of Adventure and the gift shop – lots of fun things in the gift shop!

Next, we traveled to The Grace Museum and we hit the Children’s Museum for 45 minutes of child’s play with the life-size “Operation” game, miniature replica of the Paramount Theatre, Recollections and of course, the Gravity Well.  We walked to the NCCIL to catch the exhibit “The Berenstain Bears out West” and promised to return for Family Fun Saturdays.  Lunch time! My picky eaters are always hard to please, so we decided on pizza at Cypress Street Station.  Then, we took lots of pictures in the park and had a quick stop at Abilene’s own, Candies by Vletas. Yum!

It’s time for a pick-me-up, so we headed to the Abilene Zoo.  It’s one of their favorite places to go and, naturally, feeding the giraffes is where they head first.  We spent an hour talking to the lions, monkeys, snakes, rhinos, cougars and feed the ducks. All the while, we learned a lot about conservation.  Of course, the Zoo store is a must, especially for seven year olds!

Even though we were worn out, we just couldn’t resist a little family competition; so we made a stop at PrimeTime.  From air-hockey, arcade games, miniature golf, go-karts and more…we finally settled on a traditional game of bowling.

What a great day it was! When I was tucking the kids into bed after reading a new book, it made my day to hear,  “Nana, I sure love travel day with you” (and I love sharing Abilene with kids of all ages).  Buffalo Gap will just have to wait until tomorrow!