Our city has been gearing up for National Travel and Tourism Week…and more specifically for our big local rally on the official U.S. Travel Rally Day!

Here is our first video of the Travel Matters series. It features several individuals that are employed by our local tourism industry. These are just a handful of the 3,700 Abilenians that are employed through travel and tourism. Travel truly does matter! We hope you enjoy it!

We also hope that you come out and show your support for the world’s largest industry on May 11 at Abilene’s Travel Rally Day. It will be held at 11 a.m. at Frontier Texas! and will feature several western heritage demonstrations–such as chuckwagon cooking, members (and horses) of the Six White Horse Riders team from HSU, western heritage re-enactors from the region, the Fandangle Calliope–and much more! Mayor Norm Archibald will be in attendance and we have confirmed that Rep. Neugebauer’s staff will make a proclamation. In addition, anyone who attends the rally will receive free admission to all of the Abilene attractions on May 11. It will be a fun and FREE event! We hope to see all of you there–especially, those employed in the tourism industry! As an added benefit, all hospitality industry employees will receive one complimentary Roundup Pass–available on request from the Abilene CVB.

See you May 11. Travel Matters to Abilene and rural America!