On January 20, 1891, the first official game of basketball was played at the International YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Each time a basket was scored, play was stopped while someone climbed the ladder to retrieve the basketball from the bottom of the peach basket.  It was not until 1905, fourteen years later, that someone was smart enough to remove the bottom of the peach basket.
Although initially reluctant, I am glad I was willing to take the necessary risk to change the way the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau communicates with the world through social media.  I kept questioning “how do we measure it?” and, “how do we control it?”  With the support of our leaders, and the secret ingredient of a young, brilliant and talented Shanna Smith Snyder, Abilene is able to share with the world real time answers, travel suggestions, photos and videos.  It is so exciting to witness advertising and communication in a matter of seconds.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still an advocate of traditional advertising and PR, but this social media stuff is really cool!
I am still learning this whole new world and it reminds me of a Christmas story; “on Facebook, on Twitter on Delicious and Flickr; on Blogs, on Mobile and YouTube, etc.!”  From someone who started out with an electric typewriter, it’s almost beyond the imagination to see where tomorrow takes us.  I know one thing, though, there will be no more retrieving the ball from the peach basket for us!  We are in TODAY’s world!