On Stage as 'Jacqueline' in 'Boeing-Boeing'


As of late, I have had a rather fun, extraordinary and busy experience…I am currently gracing the stage as the French stewardess, Jacqueline, in Boeing-Boeing at the Abilene Community Theatre!

 It has been absolutely delightful playing her character. I get to share the stage with five other charming, hilarious characters and play out a ridiculous, funny, sexy, door-slamming farce. This show was revived on Broadway in a 2008 Tony-winning production and is also a nonstop 1960s comedy. It is always the best feeling when our story is met with laughter from the audience!

As I said, I play the French airline hostess. Back in the 1960s, air travel was much different than it is today. Only the rich could afford to fly; travelers would dress up for the flights; men wore suits and women, dresses, etc. When I began to think about my character, I thought of what it would be like to be a stewardess back in the ’60s. It was a very glamorous, yet strict profession. As Bernard, the Parisian bachelor states, “Apart from being beautiful, they have to be healthy, good at cooking, nursing, witty, wise and friendly.” Having said all of that, I feel strongly that it took a strong, independent woman to pursue any career back in those days when housewives were more the norm. The fact that all three air hostesses in this play have strength and personality supports my point of view. However, that does not discount the fact that this play is a bit on the chauvinistic side—be aware that this is the 1960s script! Nevertheless, the show gets by with it because it makes fun and light of that very fact and is so fast paced.

Did I say three airline hostesses? Yes, three! This play features Bernard (played by Jared Strange) who has French, German (familiar face—KTXS news anchor, Laura Madison) and American fiancées (Jessica Delgado), each lovely airline hostesses with frequent “layovers.” He keeps “one up, one down and one pending…until unexpected schedule changes brings all three of us to Paris—better yet—to his apartment at the same time! Robert (Robert Hatcher), an old college friend of Bernard, comes in from the Provinces and becomes a vital character as he tries to smooth out this harem!

The journey of the show from beginning to end can best be described during a hilarious line by ‘Bertha’…Bernard’s housekeeper (Kim Bachmann Baker), “Drink up…we’re in for a bumpy night!” Tis true, this fast paced farce is a bit like going through some crazy turbulence.

Overall, I have had a ton of fun working with both the cast and crew of Boeing-Boeing. I truly love getting into the mind, body, and spirit—oh…and not to mention…hair and makeup—of Miss Jacqueline each night. Enjoy the show and have a ‘great flight’!

The Cast of 'Boeing-Boeing'


 Curtain is at 7:30 p.m. each night at the Abilene Community Theatre, 801 S. Mockingbird Lane. June 17-19, June 25-26. Tickets range from $8-$10. Reservations are strongly recommended. Box office hours are from 1-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Info: 325-673-6271.