Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt complete with fruit & granola toppings. One of my faves at Nikki's!

There’s a (couple) new hot spots in town. Abilenians just can’t seem to get enough of the tasty flavors over at Nikki’s Swirl Shoppe.

The Judge Ely location, next to Sharky’s Burrito Company, opened in late February and the store instantly took off. Every time I have visited, there is always a mix of people inside – from college kids to parents and their children, from retirees to sporting groups grabbing a treat after the big game. It’s not unusual to see the line inching towards the door and outside. It is obvious this frozen yogurt shop is the place to be! Judging from the store’s – (what appears to be) overnight success – the owners, Allie and Mark Jacobs, decided to open a second location inside the Catclaw Corner Shopping Center, next to Jason’s Deli. That location just popped up last week.

Both locations offer a variety of freshly made frozen yogurt flavors. Buyer beware, this is not “FroYo,” found on the west coast. Regardless, neither was available in town until Nikki’s came along. Many of the flavors found here are fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and kosher. In all, there are 12 different flavor options and six twist options. From what I hear, the owner will keep the classic ice cream-type flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry year round, but is considering adding seasonal flavors such as eggnog or pumpkin around the holidays. And of course you can’t have frozen yogurt without some delicious toppings – both Nikki’s locations are stocked with an assortment of fresh fruit, candies, nuts and granola-type options.

Similar to other frozen yogurt establishments, customers are allowed to pile as much as they want into their cup (small or large) and then the price is determined by the weight of the cup. Allie Jacobs said to expect an average price of $2.50-3 per cup when you visit.

Now, you may be wondering who is Nikki? Where did Allie and Mark come up with the name? Allie says, “It’s my middle name – and a branding opportunity.” They have even designed “Nikki” as a cartoon character and use her frequently on their social media channels. What to look for in the future? “Part of the stores’ concept is to put a modern twist on the old-school ice cream parlor,” Allie adds. Therefore, they will soon sell glass bottle cream soda, root beer and other tasty treats. The Jacobs are also considering discounts for students and looking at the potential to provide free WiFi for customers.

Nikki’s Swirl Shoppe is currently open Monday-Thursday, noon to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; and Sunday, noon-9 p.m. For more information, find them online at, on Facebook at Nikki’s Swirl Shoppe, or on Twitter @swirlshoppe. You can always call 325-437-7194.