Ladies, allow me to introduce you to my new best friends, Betty & June.

Hand stamped luggage tags and shopping bags. Love.

Okay, okay – I fibbed. I don’t actually know either of them personally, but I have been to their boutique.

If you haven’t been shopping in the downtown area lately (tisk, tisk), here’s the scoop: at the beginning of April, the historic downtown area welcomed a super cute new shop called, “Betty & June Boutique.” If you’re anything like me, I get very excited when something new (and locally owned) opens in Abilene. With the buzz surrounding this newbie, I knew I had to get down there – pronto.

Hand-painted mural behind the register. Pictured: Owner, Jessica Jackson.

What’s in a name? Owner, Jessica Jackson, said that the inspiration behind the name “Betty & June” is derived from the grandmothers of both her and her husband (an Air Force pilot). Evidently, “Betty” was the more fashion-forward of the two, while “June” was the tomboy. Her goal? To merge the two into one central style. In my opinion, she’s accomplished it. You can feel the vibe throughout the store.

One of the things that I love most about the boutique is that Betty & June’s stories live on in a hand-painted, black and white mural behind the register. If you go, take notice, dear ones. Oh and P.S. Jessica is known to have chilled champagne or mimosas on hand by the register. Another thing that I adore about the store is that she left the floor “as is” and dressed up the location with colorful furniture and interesting hardware.

Overall, I believe one of the best things about Betty & June is the sheer uniqueness of what they carry.  There are items at the boutique that you simply can’t find elsewhere – especially not in “big box” stores. Betty & June currently carries clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories by brands such as: Havaianas, AG Denim, Seychelles, Judith March and Tolani – just to name a few. The majority are under $100.

Speaking of Tolani, if you saw me at Stephan Pyles’ dinner during the Buffalo Gap Wine & Food Summit, the silky tunic dress I wore was Tolani from Betty & June.

Fun furniture and unique hardware jazz up the space and help display items.

If you’re ever in the Abilene area, stop by and welcome these newcomers. Betty & June is located at 189 Pine St. in historic downtown. They are open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (even later during ArtWalk and B!G Day Downtown). For more information, visit their website or call 325-672-1522. Jessica also does a great job of posting new items to the Betty & June Facebook Page, so be sure to take a look. Can you tell I am anxiously awaiting my next visit?