Myra Dean, Center - Right

Myra is one of our most loyal board members and volunteers at the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau. Not only does she tirelessly devote her time with our group, but to many other boards around town. Needless to say, she is one of Abilene’s most colorful and vivacious characters. This week, you get to meet “Ms. Myra Dean of Abilene” and see what her must-dos around town are.

SS: 1. Give a brief bio about yourself. What brought you to Abilene?

MD: I am the Development Dir. at KACU-FM, AbilenePublicRadio. I’ve been at KACU almost five years and I served as a volunteer for many years prior to working at the station. I currently serve on the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors and I’m on the Executive Board of Goodwill-West Texas. I am a graduate of Leadership Abilene, Leadership Texas, Abilene Citizen’s Police Academy and Abilene Citizen’s Fire Academy. I’ve also served on several other local boards and task forces over the years. I am also very active in Abilene’s Rotary Club. I came to Abilene approximately 32 years ago by way of Dyess AFB.

SS: 2. What does Abilene have that other cities don’t? / What makes Abilene unique?

MD: Abilene has such an abundance of quality activities and attractions for it’s size! There’s always something to do. What makes Abilene unique is the unexpected attractions like Frontier Texas! and the Grace Museum, the Zoo, the Paramount Theater, the NCCIL, the WWII Museum, the Center for Contemporary Arts, the artist studios downtown and all the live performances such as “The Producers”, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”, “Annie”, “The Drowsy Chaperone” and so much more. The thing that makes Abilene so unique is the way people make things happen and offer hospitality that blows folks from big cities out of the water! They are always astonished at the way they are treated in Abilene and I’ve truly had people from cities like Dallas and Houston say “How could we top this!” when they’ve attended conferences and meetings in Abilene. I’m proud to say I am from Abilene. Abilene is a unique combination of big city/small town. We have the best of both.

SS: 3. What is your favorite thing about Abilene?

MD: The unbridled hospitality, incredible talent and giving spirit of the people.

SS: 4. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Abilene?

MD: Actually several…Lytle Land and Cattle Company, Bogies, Cypress Street Station and the Hickory Street Cafe just for starters!

SS: 5. Where do you take your out-of-town guests? What is your must-do?

MD: I take my guests to Frontier Texas and The Grace Museum, but I also take them down South and North First streets and downtown to see the amazing artwork along the railroad tracks. I try to take them by the ACU campus to see Jacob’s Ladder, the amazing sculpture depicting angels climbing the ladder to Heaven. I usually ask my guests about their interests and I can assure you…we will have something here that will interest them.

SS: 6. What outdoor activities do you enjoy in Abilene?

MD: Mostly fishing. We have Fort Phantom and Kirby Lake close by and we have several reservoirs within driving distance. I used to horseback ride and play golf. I loved playing golf in Abilene and the communities nearby.

SS: 7. What about indoor activities? Do you have a favorite?

MD: I love to dance and attend plays and musicals. Amazing talent in our theater community here in Abilene.

SS: 8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MD: Again, we have the best of both worlds…big city/small town.