Listen closely the next few weeks for the sound of jingling spurs coming from the Taylor County Expo Center! For the 20th consecutive year Abilene will play host to the Abilene Spectacular Cutting. Not only will you have the chance to view the exciting sport of cutting, but you can be a part of all of the energy that comes along with it!

What is this sport that people celebrate so joyously in West Texas? Cutting is an equestrian event where a rider and their horse work together to separate a single animal away from a cattle herd and keep it away a certain amount of time. The dynamic duo is judged on how well they accomplish that feat!

The Abilene Spectacular Cutting is currently running and ends Jan 14th.  This event, coupled with the Abilene Winter Circuit that ended Jan 2nd, generate $813,000 into Abilene’s economy during a typically slow visitor season with over 600 visitors expected!

Competitions begin at 8:00 a.m. and are free to the public. The Gully Ranch produces the spectacular show; for interviews, contact Carolyn Gully at 325-669-3660.  Plan to attend the Abilene Spectacular Cutting events and meet some of the worlds’ best cutting horses and owners!