If your New Year’s resolution was to be more active and the usual exercise routine isn’t appealing and you prefer a team sport, try something new – Quidditch. Yes that’s right Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. For those of you asking where to pick up one of those handy flying brooms, don’t listen to rumors I have a closet full! (They aren’t for sale anyway!)

When writer J.K. Rowling developed the fictional game I wonder if she had any idea it would soon be catching on as a club sport on college campuses. Teams have formed in almost every state and several countries. A Quidditch World Cup is held and the NCAA now even recognizes the sport. While it might not be the same quidditch you’re used to seeing in the celebrated movies! Nope, this one is played on the ground. How you ask?

The game of Quidditch is a combination of handball, dodge ball, football and soccer. It is a full contact sport in which pushing, grabbing, tackling and other acts of physical aggression are not only allowed but encouraged. It is truly an athletic, intense game.

The game requires three Referees or Commissioners. The Quidditch field is half the size of a soccer field and in the shape of an oval. On either side of the field are three large hoops in which players throw balls through to score points.

Quidditch is played with two teams of seven people. There are four positions: Chaser (3), Beater (2), Keeper (1) and Seeker (1). All players must hold a broomstick between their legs and have one hand on it at all times. There is also the Snitch which is not on either team. He is dressed in yellow, runs around the field and the surrounding area and the Seekers try to pull the sock off his waist to end the game and receive 30 additional points.

There are three different balls used; a Quaffle-usually volleyball, a Bludger-usually a rubber dodge ball and a tennis ball in a sock tied around the Snitch’s waist.

The object of the game is to have the most points when the snitch is caught. Points are scored every time a Quaffle is thrown through a hoop and 30 points are scored when the Snitch is caught ending the game.

In life, sports are often taken too seriously Quidditch is a way to reclaim the fun that accompanied games in days gone by. Even the season duration is fun with the season beginning on June 1 and ending the last day of May! Bewitching, right?

So go out and grab a quaffle, catch a snitch and run with a broom between your legs!