“I AM ABILENE” Empowers Residents to Boost Local Economy  

The Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau is launching a new campaign encouraging area people to invite visitors to Abilene. The campaign, “I AM ABILENE,” empowers every day Abilene residents to think of Abilene as a destination for friends, family and more.

“We wanted to deliver a message to local residents who love Abilene as much as we do; they, the people of this town, are what makes Abilene flourish,” said Trish Dressen, Communications Director for the ACVB. “By simply inviting people to experience Abilene, our locals hold the power to make Abilene greater.”

How? Tourism is a driving force in Abilene’s economy. The Office of the Governor on Economic Development and Tourism reports that 3.07 million people visit Abilene each year, generating 5.56 million visitor days. Last year alone, tourism contributed over $20.4 million dollars to our local economy through meetings, events and tours.

“Abilene has more arts and cultural institutions per capita than any other city in Texas besides Houston. Abilene’s attractions, facilities, restaurants, shopping and heritage make it an interesting and ideal destination for families, groups, athletes and more,” Dressen continued. “In 2011 travel and tourism generated $7.4 million in local tax revenue. Currently travel creates and supports 3,520 jobs in Abilene. By empowering locals to invite more people here, we are supporting a vital part of our economy.”

The campaign is broken up into four phases. Each phase will  feature a different group of 6-10 Abilenians celebrating all things Abilene and encouraging others to do the same.

“I’m so honored to be a part of this campaign,” Jamie Bearden, long-time Abilene resident said. “Abilene is where I grew up, but it’s also where I choose to stay. I have lived life here, created a life here and love it. I’m proud of the amenities Abilene has to offer and will encourage as many people as I can to come. I hope that by being a part of this campaign, I can do my part to make Abilene flourish.”

Using a mixed media of TV, print and social, the campaign will be featured in Abilene and surrounding areas for the next year.