The Stock Horse of Texas Association (SHOT)

Friday, January 30, 2015-Sunday, February 1, 2015

Abilene is excited to welcome The Stock Horse of Texas Association (SHOT) to the Taylor County Expo Center this weekend! This event brings in over 100 people from out of town, and has an economic impact of $45, 125! We love that this organization chose Abilene for such a wonderful event. We always look forward to hosting SHOT.

Feel free to head to the Taylor County Expo Center to see what this organization is all about. There will be plenty of opportunities to see all skill levels of riders in action!


The Stock Horse of Texas Association (SHOT) was created to promote and support the concept of the versatile stock horse. The strength in this concept lies in the skills developed by horse and rider in four disciplines: Reining, Pleasure, Trail, and Working Cow Horse. An all-around stock horse can handle a variety of situations with ease and athleticism, using a natural movement attitude.

The SHOT program is designed for riders of all experience to learn and compete in an environment that is friendly, affordable and designed to fit all levels of riding. Show divisions include Youth, Novice, Limited Non Pro, Junior Horse, Non Pro, and Open. SHOT also offers incentives for collegiate teams and members. Clinics focus on creating a ‘broke’, functional stock horse that is a pleasure to ride. These clinics promote learning in a relaxed atmosphere that suits both beginner riders and advanced competitors. Premiere horse industry clinicians are regular teachers at clinics- an unmatched value to SHOT members.

SHOT is the oldest versatile stock horse association in the country- a true original that continues to innovate. Join us in promoting the concept of the all-around stock horse.

“Helping People Ride a Better Horse” since 1996.

For more information:

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