Spring break is upon us, y’all! If your house is anything like mine, your kiddos are more than ready for a little rest and relaxation packed in with plenty of fun adventures! Sounds easy enough, right?

We’ll be staying right here in Abilene for Spring Break, so we’ve been researching things we can do ourselves and with the kiddos. We always have “go to’s” of course: the second floor of The Grace Museum works for a wide variety of ages and the kids in our family love it. Frontier Texas! is always a hit and we always seem to find something new even thought we’ve been over 80 times. Since the boys in this family were 3. 80+, y’all. Think it’s a record? There are lots of things to do in the “Official Storybook Capital of Texas” and the NCCIL is for sure on our list!

Yes, we have our “go-to’s” but this Spring Break we are gearing up for some fun events. We’ll outline our go-to musts tomorrow in a special social media post, so be on the look out!

Here is our list of activities we plan to try and find a way to participate in…will we see you there?

The Barrel Experience: Wine. Craft beer. Gourmet food from our favorite food truck. ***Stop.*** You had me at wine, am I right?

How The West Was Won: A classic western with Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck and Debbie Reynolds? My favorite historic theater in the history of theater? Yes, please. Honestly, this will be a two-fer. We’ll hit up the Saturday matinee and then head over to Frontier Texas! to see what Wild West we can find there that was in the movie. Frontier Texas! is it’s own version of Hollywood classic, in my opinion.

Chautauqua Learning Series: It’s just a short drive out to Buffalo Gap to attend a learning series. If you haven’t gone to one yet, I urge you to! Each one varies by topic and, if it interests you, is like a jam-packed college semester in an afternoon! This Saturday’s topic? The Sun and Galaxy! Out of this world in Abilene, am I right?

Craftapalooza: I can do no better than the description, people.  “A one day shopping extravaganza featuring an eclectic blend of handmade items, artisan designs, bling & glam boutiques, antique & vintage bliss, sparkly jewels, home décor & inspiration, repurposed & funky junk along with fabulous finds for your creative soul.” Vintage bliss shopping? Ok, I’m in.

Easter Bunny Arrival: Who wouldn’t want to hop to The Mall to meet that furry little rascal? I mean, judging by the hilarious pictures online a few kids, but most kiddos would love to say hello and have their pictures made. Good picture or bad, family memories, am I right?

Lunch at the Center: Working in a historical building in the cultural district, within walking distance to a plethora of activities, means you’ve the jackpot. I’ll brown bag it and get my docu on with a drama based on the fight over the estate of artist Mark Rothko, who sadly killed himself in 1970. The Rothko Conspiracy  will no doubt lead to great discussions after the film.

Keep Abilene Beautiful:  Malarkey! It’s the day to wear green and celebrate those who work to keep Abilene lookin’ fly. If you’re not sure what Keep Abilene Beautiful is or are and want to be a part of it, head on out to The Mill for a celebration of all things green…get it? Oh, haha. You #KAB folks are good. Also, the first 100 people get drink tickets. I’ll cheers to that.

Biking Adventures: What better way to burn off all that late night pizza (no? just us then? ok.)  with the kiddos than a bike race for a good cause? Sign up today to get ready for next week!

Steppin’ Out for Memories:  Casual western fun, great Texas BBQ, live music from Jody Nix? I can’t think of another fun thing to do for a good cause.

There are plenty of more opportunities out there for you to explore! Check our website: www.abilenevisitors.com for more. Or if you know of one comment below!