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  • 'Life after Death' by Jeremy Martinez February 3, 2015
    Introducing this young, local photographer with a collection of black and white photographs that set an ominous yet hopeful mood.
  • Intercollegiate Student Art Competition Exhibit February 3, 2015
    A juried exhibit of artwork by students of Abilene area colleges and universities.
  • Diana Kersey Ceramics Exhibit January 22, 2015
    Diana is a visual artist who works in clay, creating both studio pottery and architectural ceramics. Her work possesses a raw textural quality with earthy glazes. Kersey earned an MFA in ceramics from Washington State and a BFA From Texas Tech. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Beili Liu: Stratus January 22, 2015
    Stratus is a low-level cloud characterized by horizontal layering and an even bottom edge. The continuous horizontal gradation of white to gray often holds the promise of a modest amount of rain or snow. Stratus cloud is the visual and conceptual inspiration for the site-specific installation by artist, Beili Liu. Stratus consists of a vast […]
  • Studio 1 and Studio 2 January 9, 2015
    Russell Ellison and Linda Murray have occupied the two largest artist studios at the Center, upstairs overlooking Minter Park, for the past 11 years. Full-time artists, working on their craft, giving each other feedback on works in progress, mentoring young artists, and developing an enduring friendship. That era came to a close as Linda moved […]

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