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  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in Nighttime September 20, 2019
    Paramount Productions presents the Tony Award-winning play by Simon Stephens based on the acclaimed novel by Mark Haddon.
  • Nobody's Fool - New Exhibition September 17, 2019
    Artists have been creating paintings that produce the illusion of real objects for centuries. Trompe l’oeil—from the French phrase 'deceives the eye'—is the art term that describes the effect of their visual deception. Contemporary artists often create an additional level of content by adding visual references relevant to contemporary events, situations, and observations. Nobody’s Fool […]
  • Up Close and Personal September 7, 2019
    Up Close and Personal: Portraits from the Reaves Collection of Texas Art.
  • Igor Melnikov: Dreamwatcher September 7, 2019
    Russia American artist, Igor Melnivok, challenges traditional associations with portraiture through his haunting paintings of emotionally ambiguous children isolated on a dark background. Although he often bases his paintings on children he knows, he also relies old photographs as well as memories and dreams for details. He states that his main objective is not to […]
  • Paul Black: Carol September 7, 2019
    Photographer Paul James Black presents an intimate group of Polaroids and black and white photographs of only one person; his wife Carol. The photographs in the exhibition, Paul Black: Carol, were taken in the first two decades of their marriage and offer an intimate record into their private world in the 1960s and 70s. Carol […]

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