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  • SHOT Clinic and Show Collegiate and AQHA Ranch Pleasure January 30, 2015
    The Stock Horse of Texas program is designed for riders of all experiences to learn and compete in an environment that is friendly, affordable and designed to fit all levels of riding.
  • Beili Liu: Stratus January 22, 2015
    Stratus is a low-level cloud characterized by horizontal layering and an even bottom edge. The continuous horizontal gradation of white to gray often holds the promise of a modest amount of rain or snow. Stratus cloud is the visual and conceptual inspiration for the site-specific installation by artist, Beili Liu. Stratus consists of a vast […]
  • Diana Kersey Ceramics Exhibit January 22, 2015
    Diana is a visual artist who works in clay, creating both studio pottery and architectural ceramics. Her work possesses a raw textural quality with earthy glazes. Kersey earned an MFA in ceramics from Washington State and a BFA From Texas Tech. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Studio 1 and Studio 2 January 9, 2015
    Russell Ellison and Linda Murray have occupied the two largest artist studios at the Center, upstairs overlooking Minter Park, for the past 11 years. Full-time artists, working on their craft, giving each other feedback on works in progress, mentoring young artists, and developing an enduring friendship. That era came to a close as Linda moved […]
  • Plastic January 8, 2015
    In this exhibit, Chase Turk presents stories about the ills of modern man with both words and images. Complex collages accompanied by descriptive prose carry the viewer through the gallery as the narrative unfolds

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